photo by  Ali Limon

photo by Ali Limon


Hi I'm Kandice! I grew up in southern California, but I'm truly at home here in Portland, OR. I love living in a place that not only allows you to be yourself, but encourages it! My favorite things in life are a good cup of coffee, my wonderful husband, and our crazy pups.
I have been in love with love for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until I met my husband that I got to feel it for myself. The real thing. With him I suddenly realized the fairy tale is real, and that is part of what made me want to become a wedding planner.
I have always been very meticulous; a list maker and an organizer, and it was in the process of planning my own wedding that I knew I'd found my calling.
I'm a positive person by nature, optimistic, and a problem-solver. I use a lot of exclamation marks and I always mean it. I love love. All love. I believe it is worthy of a grand celebration. So let's celebrate!

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